Know About The Currencies Of Choices: Stories You Play


In these days, everyone likes to play games in order to spend the free time. There are a number of games present over the internet; however, only a few of them get the success in seeking the attention of people. Choices: stories you play is counted as one of the most popular games. In this game, players are required to pay proper attention on the currency collection. For gathering the desired amount of currency, choices cheats is the perfect option. Basically, there are two types of currencies, which are described below.


Diamonds are considered as the most important currency of choices: stories you play. With the help of this, the players can get a great help in taking part in a lot of stories. Also, it is the great method for giving an amazing look to an avatar.  In addition to this, diamonds are required for unlocking or purchasing the premium things. Well, usually players think that it is easy to collect; however, it is a tough task to get plenty of diamonds.

There are only a few methods which can help the players in attaining such currency such as log in with Facebook, complete missions, and daily rewards. As you know that diamonds are crucial and also hard to collect, so it is suggested to utilize it wisely. Always make sure that you are going to invest this currency at the necessary place.


There are many different stories in the game and keys are the way to access these stories. Only some stories are open for the player. After that, they are required to attain keys so that they can unlock other stories. Compared to diamonds, keys are pretty easy to collect. So, while you are a new player, there is nothing to worry about the collection of such currency.

Game offers lots of events and quests which play the significant role for the players. By completing these quests and taking part in events, we can get the chance to get keys. These are the simple and main methods of obtaining keys.